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Individualized Lessons with the Weston Favell School of Motoring:


Your Learning Experience:

  • Guaranteed to drive the car in your first lesson[ - or money back!]

  • Structured lessons using the DVSA attainment system[level:1 - 5]
  • Dual-carriageway lessons a speciality [& multi-lane roundabouts]
  • Carefully developed system for manoeuvres [using"focal points"]
  • Realistic mock tests, "independent driving" [plus motorways/M1]
  • Finally no passengers,no talking on the phone [and no shouting!]

Your WestonFavell Car:

  • Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 GS Line 100ps [very nice manual supermini]

  • Glossy black paint with smart black& red interior [+black alloys]
  • Air-conditioning/climate control [plus electric windows+mirrors] 
  • Fully-adjustable seat and steering position [nice comfortable car]
  • All-round good performer [easy to position on road+manoeuvre]
  • Auto Stop/Start& Auto Parking Brake[+Hill Start Assist System]

Your Local Instructor:

  • Adam Pope DVSA Approved Driving Instructor [fully qualified]

  • Long-term resident in the Weston Favell village area [since 1982]
  • Educated at the " HMS Conway" Naval Cadet School [Anglesey]
  • Previously Merchant Navy Officer [& IT System Project Leader]
  • Also University of Leicester Cert.of HE[ Counselling+Psychology]
  • All-round experience of people and "life"[family man,non-smoker]
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