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“Thank you so much for all your help and support; at 34 I had started to think I perhaps would never drive. I have had various instructors previously and I can say without doubt that Adam is the best. He is a fantastic teacher who tailors the lessons to the individual, and intuitively knows what's best for each pupil - in my case realizing that building confidence behind the wheel was as important as the skill of driving. I'm eternally grateful for my new found freedom behind the wheel” 

Gemma Paget, Actress (left, in costume), passed 18/2/2014  


“Well, there's not much to say about that really, I think I'll just give you your result straight away so you can carry on home”

Trevor Tippet, DVSA Examiner, to Mrs Hong Yun He (Grace), passed on 17/6/16 with Zero faults (see DL25)


“I started taking lessons when I was 17, eventually stopping as I ran out of money; I took them up again when I was 24, first with another company who I didn't get on with and then I called up Adam...I passed my test first time with one minor...I would like to thank Adam for being patient, funny, and putting me at ease. Adam is a skilled instructor who made me feel confident whilst giving me the opportunity to get used to driving independently. I would highly recommend him” 

Kate Fenton, 22/10/2014, blue nails, matching certificate 


“Hi Adam,I just wanted to let you know I have done today over 150 miles and that includes driving from North London to South London, and I made it!! I had a good teacher!! Hanna,X” 

Hanna Schmidt, Kingsthorpe (via Poland), Kate Fenton's colleague at Northants County Council, passed 2/12/2015  


“Thanks again for everything, you have been amazing!!”  

Ben Alders, Little Houghton, passed 4/3/2014 (1 minor)

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your time and patience in helping me to pass my drivers exam. As a seasoned driver I was not looking for someone to teach me how to drive. Being a Foreign National I was looking for someone who would respect my experience and teach me the nuances and differences of driving in the UK. There were more nuances and difference than I had expected! Adam was the perfect instructor for me. Patient, kind and never condescending. Instead he took the time to explain the thought process of how tests (both driving and written) are approached. He worked with me to break bad habits, and avoid the pitfalls so many encounter when taking the test. He let me be in the driving seat (pun intended) when determining the content of each lesson. What did you feel were your weaknesses? What did you want to concentrate on more? He emphasized my strengths helping me to realize what I did right, so I could better concentrate on what I really needed more work on rather than stressing over all of it. I tell everyone about Adam and Weston Favell driving school. My kids will be next and we won't go anywhere else....”

Melanie Sanders, Great Houghton (and Los Angeles,California), passed 11/2/2016

“Had really good lessons, Adam is friendly and helped me as I'm six months pregnant, he helped me prepare for my test, I passed first time, was so nervous but loved it....” *****

Nikita, Thorplands, passed 28/11/2012 (3 minor faults)

“Adam, thank you so much for your hard work and being patient with me! You are a great instructor and I highly recommend you to anyone would love to learn driving. I'm very proud of us, we work as a team”

Wilawan (Thailand), Abington, passed 14/12/2012 (3 minors)

“Thank you so much for your patience and care all the while you were teaching me. I really appreciate the guidance you gave me, which enabled me to pass my test. I really couldn't have done it without you!!”

Emily, Rectory Farm, passed 2/11/2012 (2 minor faults)

“Just wanted to convey our thanks for everything you've done for Emily which helped her pass her test first time! She has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons and is now a confident and able driver. Very pleased she had no hesitation in getting behind the wheel alone, and now I am a very happy redundant taxi driver!”

Emily's Mum

“To Adam, thank you for all your help with my driving”

Jessica, Pine Trees, passed 17/8/2012 (3 minor faults)

“Hi Adam, Jonny just called to give me the good news! Many thanks again for your excellent tuition. Jonny said he will miss you, he really enjoyed his lessons and your wit. Regards, Kevin.”

Jonny (via Dad), passed 10/6/2014

“To Adam, thank you very much for pushing me to learn to drive, going on those dual carriageways, couldn't have done it without you...”

Nikki, Lake View, passed 20/1/2012

“Although I was nervous to begin with, Adam's encouraging, client-centred approach to teaching allowed me to learn at my own pace and to grow in self-confidence as a driver. Now I love driving and can finally stop relying on public transport. Thank you!”

Annabelle, Town Centre, passed 10/5/2014 (2 minors) 

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your continuous support! You have helped me to become a confident driver from someone who made a pact to never drive again and I have you to thank for that! I would recommend you to everybody I know, you have helped me to change my life!”

Sonia, Leicester, passed 2/8/2013 (3 minor faults)

“Would just like to thank Adam Pope from Weston Favell Driving School for being a fantastic instructor and helping me to pass my driving test today... Also completing a hat-trick of consecutive passes... And recommend his skills to anyone who wants to have a go at passing their test... Again many thanks Adam”

Andrew Beardmore, passed 17/12/2014

“But you do your job over and above Adam; I will recommend you wherever I can. Take care.”

Allan Perry, Bozeat, for his son Harvey, passed 20/11/2015

“Adam helped me conquer my nerves and helped me achieve a very high standard of driving. Never thought I'd pass, can't thank Adam enough. Cheers, Jim.”

James Haddow, Far Cotton, passed 21/3/2013

“Brilliant! Just want to say thanks again for all your hard work getting me through my test,I appreciate it”

Dean Gibson, Duston, passed 21/6/2011 (1 minor fault)   


"Thank you so much Adam, Paige has really enjoyed her learning experience with you, so pleased..."

Amanda Houghton, Paige's Mum, 2/8/22

"Thank you for everything Adam! Beyond pleased with passing today, couldn't have done it without you..."

Hana, University of Northampton (Fashion Marketing Dept.), 1/11/22

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